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Alexander D. Remizov
Dear friends, welcome to a site of the interactive art project «PORTRAIT of EUROPE». New art maps of the countries Europe (pictorial maps).
I write in English, because it now language of the international dialogue.I am sorry for my poor English. :-)
Dear friends, you can write what variant of new maps to you it is pleasant.




  • Republic Dagestan pictorial map (3)
  • The nice sketch (1)
  • new old maps (1)
  • My other Germany pictorial map (8)
  • What symbol of Spain? (1)
  • map of Switzerland (6)
  • The art map of Netherlands (10)
  • "Tabula Peutingeriana" very long Roman pictorial map (1)
  • Two variants of a France pictorial map (3)
  • Symbol of Austria? (1)
  • Very interesting war pictorial map! (and other strange maps) (1)
  • The big ancient pictorial map of Wien (0)
  • map of Czech Republic (8)
  • Old Russia maps (1)
  • What there is a symbol of Belgium? (4)
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